Monday, May 25, 2009


Wet rides, funnel cakes,
corn dogs, tater twirls,
kettle corn,
swinging in the air rides,
good friends, great times.

It may not be Disney World, but it sure is fun.

Mami Elia did not get to come this weekend, but we went ahead with our plans anyway. Maybe she'll get to come this weekend. Third times a charm, right?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Blink

Today is Olivia's last full day of kindergarten. Although I'm excited to have her home all summer, I am a little melancholic. She had a good year. She made some good friends, brought home art projects, shared silly jokes she and her friends cracked at lunch, earned prizes and awards through A.R., sang in her 1st concert, and made great academic gains. It is hard to believe she is now 1st grade bound!

If only we could capture some moments in time forever.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Little Artists

Nathan and Olivia love to create. So yesterday Nathan made this canvas picture. He used big boy acrylic paints.

He had a good time. Olivia worked on a surprise gift for Mommy Margie's birthday. Today Olivia made this picture for us. I'm going to have to buy the canvas in bulk because they had so much fun painting and have already said they want to make more.
Luke is going to make one tomorrow. He let me trace his hand so part of the project is already under way.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

No pictures today. Our camera is broken. :( Due to an unfortunate accident involving water and fun our D50 camera is fried. Seriously, it is. It started to smoke when I tried to get it to work last. I'll have to charge my camera for pictures for now. It's a pretty good point and shoot, just has a delay.
Mami Elia is here! Well, not here, but in N.Y. She'll be here soon. Can't wait to have some Mami Elia time. Maybe she can teach the kids some spanish since I haven't.
I think I'm going to make some flashcards for Olivia to practice with when she comes home from school.
Just 9 days and Olivia is out for summer! Kindergarten has been conquered! Kind of sad.
Was gonna clean the living room while Luke slept in this morning, but Nathan kept on saying" a'mon mom, mom". A'mon is come on and mom, mom is Mommy. So after a few a'mons followed by his trying to pick me up and pull my shirt I gave in and played Thomas for 30 minutes with him. Peer pressure. :)
Luke is crawling pretty good and likes to be stood up so he can play with the stand up toy.
Still haven't lost more than 2.5 pounds. Kind of frustrating since I've given up sweet teas, eating after 8, joined W.W., and work out 4-5 days a week. Oh, well. Gotta be patient.
Want an iphone. I know, I don't need one. The commercials are SO good.
Dreaming of the day when our house stays clean and the boys go to the bathroom on their own.
Wishing I had some frozen yogurt, a cool bike with a kid cart in the back, and a trip to the beach in the works.
Gotta go A'mon is calling me....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just the 2 of Us

Olivia had her recital today. She and I went out to eat lunch before. Girls' Day Out! Greg stayed home with the boys. Nathan's neck was bothering him and Luke is teething. We missed them, but had fun just the 2 of us.

Olivia wanted me to make funny faces so she could take pictures.

She is really good at making funny faces.

This is my favorite one. Is that a ninja move?

Olivia with her dance teacher, Mrs. Katrina. Mrs. Katrina is almost 5 months pregnant and she danced in 3 numbers herself! So cute.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Going, going, gone!

Well. it's official! Luke is crawling. He is pretty good at it too! No dragging of knees or scooting. Full on all fours crawling. He looks so cute and little bitty crawling around. I took some pictures of him crawling this morning. I soon remembered to put the baby gate around the areas he is not to get to! He got into the remote basket, the dvds, and the Olivia's dance bag. Looks like there will be More messes from now on. oh, well. :)

Can you see the DVDs he pulled out behind him?

Luke: I was wondering what was in here!

Luke: I'm coming after you Mommy! You can't leave me in the living room while you cook!

His little wrist is so sweet.

Luke: I caught up to you!

Mami Elia....te estamos esperando!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Days gone by

We have been (once again) busy. I joined the gym so the boys and I head over there after they eat breakfast every morning. Nathan enjoys playing with the other kids as well as with some of the girls who work there. He starts saying " I wanna go to the gym, Mum."- oh, yeah that's his new name for me "Mum" as soon as he's done eating. Olivia has had some end of the year Kindergarten activities that we have enjoyed. She's also keeping us busy with dance rehearsals and cheerleading sign-ups. Luke is moving around. He scoots everywhere! He got on all fours today and did not topple over! Watch out all little toys, he'll be crawling any day now!

Enjoying popsicles with the neighbors after playing on the playground.

Waiting for the big show!

Nathan loved watching Olivia perform in her school concert.

Papaw and Granny came out to see Olivia.

Sporting her fish mask.

Nathan during the evening performance. He was so excited to see his big sister sing.

Olivia before her dress rehearsal at S.I.T.C. She and I scrapbooked together for a little before we had to go. I went back later and stayed LATE!

Ballet number

Tap number. Olivia seems to enjoy tap more than ballet right now.

We are having to do breathing treatments with Luke again. He sounds much better and we hope this will be the last time!

Supporting Olivia during Field Day today.

Field Day was in the gym because it was raining today. Olivia was in 3 events that consisted of being in teams. Her teams won 3rd, 4th, and 5th place in the events they participated in. She was so excited to get the ribbons. She has 4 altogether including the participation ribbon. They even gave Nathan one too! He ran around with me video-taping for Daddy to see, taking pictures, eating snacks, and climbing the mats by the volunteers!

O and her gym teachers. Thanks for a great time guys!