Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Days...

Mami Elia is here and we are enjoying her company. The kids are trying to communicate with her despite the language barrier. All three kids lavish her with hugs and kisses.
Roasting marshmallows. Eating S'mores.

Olivia is enjoying having a roommate as Mami Elia is sleeping in her room with her. Olivia loves getting the toiletries out of the cabinet. She likes to put Mami Elia's toothpaste on her toothbrush and then they brush their teeth together. My heart just aches as I write this thinking how sad my sweet girl will be the first morning Mami Elia is gone.
Olivia just loves hugging her.
Mami Elia got to attend Olivia's art exhibition on Friday!

Olivia had art camp this week so we have dropped her off @ the museum and then we have headed to the gym. Mami Elia has worked out with us this week even participating in a Zumba class!
We have gone to the pool, shopped a little, and eaten all the yummy food she brought from El Salvador! I've gained 2 lbs. Yikes!
This morning it rained hard. When the sun came out we decided we'd take an adventure and go hunting for blackberries up by the dam. Well it started to POUR just as we got in the car. So we went to Target looking for some "adventure" toys from the dollar spot since the boys were so disappointed that it had started raining again. While we were shopping Greg found some wild blackberries growing nearby and our adventure started. All three kids loved picking the berries. Luke REALLY enjoyed it. He ate more than he surprise there!

So hard to smile for the camera when you are eating blackberries!

Mami Elia picking blackberries and eating a few.

Nathan saved most of the blackberries he picked.

On the way back Greg spotted some blackberries in a lot near the house so he and I got out and picked. We have scratches all up and down our legs and arms to prove how "wild" these blueberries were. Mami Elia found some raspberries that were absolutely delicious!
Father's Day and is he relaxing? Nope! Climbing steep hills to get us blackberries.

We ate our Wok Hay when we got home (carry out) and made some blackberry jam, 3 jars!

He managed the chopsticks pretty well.

Eating Lo Mein and Chicken Fried Rice.

After cleaning up we went back out and picked enough raspberries to make 3 jars of raspberry jam.
Pretty deep basket almost full of raspberries.

I have never liked store bought raspberries. These raspberries are delicious! They are so sweet. We planted some seeds on our property in hopes we might have some bushes one year. Mami Elia can grow anything so we are hoping her green thumb brings us good luck. Plus, how awesome would it be to have raspberries growing next time she comes to visit that she helped us grow! 

Nathan's silly face.

The boys climbed a steep hill to help Daddy pick some raspberries. They slid on the way down.

 We also have about a pint of blackberries to eat with our breakfast tomorrow.

Pretty good sized blackberries

It still makes me laugh at the thought of us out with our boots picking berries trying not to get all cut up by the bushes. All in all a very good day. An excellent week!