Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Una semana MAS!

We have had so much fun with Mami Elia here and now she is going to get to stay for 1 more week! This weekend we went to Townsend and to Cades Cove. We saw so many bears, deer, turkeys, birds....just so many wildlife. Mami Elia was laughing because we were going crazy excited at how much she got to see. These pictures aren't so great because they were taken with my point and shoot. Man, was I spoiled with our nice camera. I CAN"T WAIT until we buy the D90 until then my little camera will have to do!

Snuggling with Mami Elia.

The water was ice cold so Luke just stuck his feet in the water.

Nathan wore his new swim trunks with the cool shark floatie shirt.

Mami Elia- just hanging!

Eating some Mayfield ice-cream. That's how we got them to leave the river!

We saw a bear cross Cades Cove Loop. Some crazy, no stupid people were right up on it! Not us!
The field where we saw 4 bears!

This deer was munching on some greens and then this ignorant lady feeds it some people food! Hello?! Read the signs about feeding the wildlife lady!

In front of one of the Cades Cove buildings- church.

Old school backyard pool party!

We're going to have to buy another pool if we want to do this again since this
little pool sprouted a hole!

Mami Elia reading her daily devotion.

Luke had his own little pool.

Hey there!

Yum! Sandia!

Beautiful girl

Two peas in a pod!

What will we do next week?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Disfrutando de Mami Elia

Luke falls asleep every night in Mami Elia's arms.

Loydy and Any sent presents!

Mami Elia rode some rides at Dollywood.

This is what Mami Elia heard on this ride: "Go Mami Elia, Go Mami Elia!"

Waiting for the DollyWood train ride.

Eating Mami Elia's delicious pupusas!