Saturday, July 9, 2011


So I decided to write in a Word document and upload to the blog when I don't have access to wireless. Then I can still be up to date.

 July 5th
Greg won tickets to Dollywood back in December and we upgraded to season passes for this year when we went on New Year's Eve. We love going to Dollywood. It's definitely not Disney, but it has it's own charm and plenty for the kids to do and see.
When I first moved to Knoxville we would go do Dollywood if we had free passes. Over the year the park added more rides and started doing festivals such as KidFest. KidFest is in the summer and always so worth taking the kids to play. My favorite thing at KidFest is the kid theater they have. The theater has live actors that bring to life 3 of the Imagination Library books that Dolly has sent out. The play we saw this year sucked big time! Ha, ha. We couldn't wait to get out.

There was a bubble show we saw as well. It was great. The kids loved all the bubbles and tricks the performer did. Luke kept on saying "I pop them, Mom!" when the bubbles came flying by. Awesome.

Yay! Bracelets make knowing which rides they can ride easy.

This year Olivia is tall enough to ride ALL the rides! Too bad Greg and I get sick on the upside down twist around and round rides. She and I love to ride the "Blazing Fury". I hope that as they update the park they don't get rid of that ride so that in a few years the five of us can ride it.

Nathan can ride so many more rides this year. He was all about it. We had to be sure to ride the train this visit to DW because we didn't get to ride it the last time. Nathan loves the train.
 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs simulated ride:
Nathan, Luke, and I watched the 3D movie since the boys couldn't "ride".

Olivia and Daddy

3D glasses upside down!         

 Luke can finally ride the Veggie Tales roller coaster which is my favorite kid ride! He was so funny. The ride scared him a little so he crossed his hands, pouted angrily and said "I don't like that ride!" He is so expressive with his words and his little body. I love him!
Best part about our visit? Normally on a Tuesday, it would be me and the kids at KidFest. Greg would have been at work. It's been wonderful to have Greg be a part of so many summer activities he wouldn't normally be a part of. 

So great to always be the five of us.
 I need to make a list of the rides the kids rode.

River Rampage-He didn't enjoy this ride back in May. He loved it today. May be that he knew what to expect this time around. He yelled "Mom! I got wet!" Oh, so cute.

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