Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Funniest Things

Kids say and do the funniest things. I wish I had started writing them down as soon as Olivia started talking in paragraphs which she did at the age of 2. For example, today as I was trying to get the laundry folded and put away before the boys woke up from her nap she called me about three times to come see something she had done. I finally told her I was trying to get my chores finished before the boys woke up from their nap. She said " You have chores?!" She couldn't believe it. I thought that was so funny and I told her that my life was full of chores.
The boys love to pick dandelions from the yard to give to me whenever we leave the house. Nathan always picks the yellow ones and Luke mostly picks the white ones. Our driver's side van door lock is messed up. Well the other day as I'm pumping gas the door shut and locked on it's own. I called Greg to come and unlock the van for me. The boys were napping so he whisked them out of bed, told them it was an emergency, and they came to rescue me. As he unlocked the van door I went to give the kids kisses. Nathan, oh so very sweetly, says "Mom, I'm sorry we don't have flowers for you. We didn't have time to pick any for you." My heart melted. How sweet is my little boy?!

Nathan, Olivia, Luke

The kids like to take turns pushing the handicap buttons to open the doors @ St. Mary's. It all started when Luke was a baby in his car seat carrier and boy, was he heavy. So Olivia and Nathan would push the buttons to open the doors to help me. As they've gotten older it is now Nathan and Luke who take turns although I am no longer carrying a baby in a car seat carrier. Well, today as we were leaving the gym Luke ran as fast as his little legs would carry him to push the button. Then he ran again to push the second button which should have been Nathan's turn.  He giggled so! He knew what he had done and thought it was so funny. :) He does things like that all the time.  That boy!

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