Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sugar Bugs

July 12, 2011- It is recommended that children should first visit the dentist at the age of three. I didn't feel that Nathan was ready last year for the visit. He is very apprehensive when it come to any new experiences. So since we are so good at brushing teeth and keeping away from sugar we decided to wait. Well, we have been talking about the dentist all year in preparation for this summer's visit and it paid off! We scheduled Olivia's visit first so Nathan could watch and know what to expect.

He was all about the visit at first, but then all of a sudden got very nervous and thought he couldn't do it. So he went back to the waiting room to read books while Olivia finished her visit.

He was ready to go when the hygienist came to get him for his visit. He was practically running!

We were so proud of Nathan. Unlike Olivia and Luke, Nathan is not always so ready or excited when it comes to new experiences. He is getting better at expressing how he feels when he is nervous and stepping out of his comfort zone. He was awesome for both the hygienist and the dentist! Very compliant and sweet.

           Nathan got a new Lightening McQueen toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss! Rock on!

Best part of the visit? No cavities! We did a great job of keeping the sugar bugs away. Dr. Solly did say that Nathan's teeth were all perfectly in place so closely together. So we'd better start saving. Braces might be in his future.

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