Monday, July 25, 2011

Slice of Life Girl's Getaway

  July 15-17, 2011-    This weekend was our annual lake getaway. We had a blast...of course. You never know who will end up being your closest friends. Reason says it should be people who have the most in common. Women who have similar family makeup as your own. Similar religious beliefs. Similar educational background. Yet with these group of girls it was the love of scrapbooking that first brought us together about 5 years ago. A time in my life when my core group of friends was starting to change due to the "season of life" we were all in. We were having babies, some were working on family relationships, others were worried about things that just didn't make sense to me.
I love these group of girls because no matter what season of life we are all in, we make still room to hang out. These girls have been here for me through the adjustment of a second child, a surprise pregnancy while the 2nd was still 6 months, staying at home for a year, going back to work after being home for a year, and now they are praying for us as Greg looks for a job. I thank God for each of them and what a great blessing they have each been in my life.

Dinner at the marina.
Sara had bought all sorts of "summer citrus" fruit goodies for us to go with the "Slice of Life" theme for the weekend.

Love my "C" which now has a new home on my scrap table at home.

Awful picture of me, but a lovely picture of the yummy Sangria.


Picnic dinner Friday night

We always have plenty of goodies when we get together. Regardless of who is trying to lose weight! Ha, ha!  We know how to party. The fridge was full, counters were covered, and coolers were stuffed. 

Fruit Pizza

 Sara made some yummy watermelon pops for us....delish! They looked better before I ate a third of it. :)

Watermelon ballons
Yes, we were still in our jammies.

We don't just scrap on our getaway. We sleep in, read, get online and catch up on our blogs, go out on the boat, try new yummy drinks, and eat all sorts of junk food we would never buy for our pantries.

Doing a little bit of each.

Hardcore scrappers

Saturday night dinner

Always so good to catch up with friends.

Sherrie almost didn't get to come. Yay for last minute changes!


Wild woman driving!

Paula didn't get to come up with us on Friday due to the passing of one of her best friends. She came up Sunday and got to relax with us on the lake.

We missed our babies, but ahhhh...we came back home so relaxed!

                                                      A perfect way to end the weekend.

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